Movie Make Up

Make up and hair? Always needed on set.

Make up in this world is hardly ever used to just look pretty. It’s used for cuts, for lighting, for age, etc. Check out this video below showing how a girl get turned into an old woman.

Make up, in its own way, is it’s very own special effect. What does this have to do with design? Well, make up artists ARE designers. Think of the face as the paper, and the make up as the paint. Although almost none of the same technique carries over, make up takes a lot of skill and patience.

And it is not half as easy as it looks. I personally battle with liquid eyeliner all the time. I’m a fair artist but I just can’t do liquid liner. It’s a skill all on it’s own.

What is great about doing makeup is the various work one gets to do. One day you may be working on an alien -changing their skin color and whatnot, and another day you might be working on some sort of camouflaged skin.

Makeup is hardly a skill you can learn on your own, movie makeup, that is. There are plenty of schools for it and whatnot. If it is something you are really interested in pursuing, go for it! It might be hard to find the cool jobs at first but maybe one day you’ll be inches of Johnny Depp’s face, covering him in white make-up for whatever Tim Burton role he is up for next.

See what I mean?


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