Money Making Tip

One of my RTF teachers did this for a while when he lived in California, and I thought it extremely clever.

First, learn After Effects. It’s actually not too terribly hard to learn (especially if you are somewhat used to adobe software in the first place) and it’s a great skill to have. For those that do not know, this is a good program to do special effects you always see in those fancy blockbuster movies.

CG is another conversation, however. Right now I’m talking about credits. Yes, credits. It’s something every movie needs that is often overlooked.

Spend a summer learning how to execute credits really well in After Effects. It’s simple, not too frustrating, and niche. My teacher made six figures just doing credits alone. The best part is that it leaves a good deal of time for you to continue on with other projects.

Not only that, but you start a dialogue with companies and movie studios. Not a bad way to edge your way into the filming arena.

Happy crediting!


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